Welcome to Good and Good-for-You!

Cooking with Virginia is transforming into“Good and Good for You with Virginia Willis” in January 2024  where I’ll share
* healthful recipes
* best-life living tips
* self care techniques
* updates and info from reliable sources and experts across the health and wellness space.

It’s health gain > weight loss.

Sign up today for cooking videos, interviews with experts, and my own personal take on how I manage things (I.e. my life!!) including:
* self worth and self image
* managing emotional eating
* staying motivated
* my “guardrails system.”

Who wants sad food? No one. Recipes have to taste good! 

Here you’ll find a mix of indulgent and healthy recipes — food that I eat and make in my own kitchen (and sometimes on TV.)

As a result of my own wellness journey, I am an enthusiastic cheerleader for others seeking to make lifestyle changes in the interest of feeling healthier and happier, too. 

Bon Appétit, Y’all!

Virginia Willis

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Fruits and Vegetables
Virginia Willis

Bowls of Goodness

I collect bowls. I’ve got dinted and dinged up enamel bowls hanging in my kitchen. One of the older ones has a tiny hole in

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beard foundation www.virginiawillis.com
Sweet Treats and Desserts
Virginia Willis

French Butter Cookies

I posted a picture of these cookies on Facebook and some folks wanted the recipe. It’s from my first book, Bon Appetit, Y’all! I’ve never

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