Chicken and Rice Meatballs in Mushroom Gravy

Chicken and Rice Meatballs in Mushroom Gravy

Growing up, my mother made a meatball dish with Rice a Roni called porcupines. It consisted of ground beef, an egg, and a box of the “San Francisco treat.” The starchy base of rice and bits of vermicelli was included in the meatball mixture and the flavorful seasoning packet was used to make a savory, salty gravy. Lordy day, it was one of my favorite dishes and processed food at it’s finest. What’s not to love? Meatballs in gravy? Do you want to learn how to make a more modern porcupine with wholesome, fresh ingredients? Better yet, this Baked Chicken and Rice Meatballs in Mushroom Gravy recipe is mostly hands-off and bakes in the oven. It may not be all that pretty to look at, but you are going to love it! Read on to learn more.


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Spicy Cauli-Mac and Cheese

Spicy Cauli-Mac and Cheese

Do we really need another Macaroni and Cheese recipe? According to Restaurant News, “US consumers were eating 19% more cheese per capita at the end of the past decade than at the start, according to the USDA, and restaurants are finding new ways to feed the craving.” That and 10 months of COVID is “Yes, yes we do.” Pasta and cheese combined are one of the ultimate comfort foods — and often unhealthy fat bombs. Want to find out how to reduce calories and points, but not the rich, creamy flavor? Check out my Spicy Cauli-Mac and Cheese makeover.


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Easy Chocolate Cocoa Bombs

Chocolate Cocoa Bombs

Chocolate Cocoa Bombs have well, absolutely exploded this holiday season. I adore the idea, but cannot believe anyone would want to go to the trouble of tempering chocolate, painting a mold — and then filling it with instant cocoa mix? Instead, how about a super easy chocolate truffle that simply melts in hot milk? No tempering or molds needed — and it works, too.  (Tik Tok is filled with videos of Chocolate Cocoa Bomb Duds….) Read on for my recipe for a simple-to-make rich and indulgent Chocolate Cocoa Bombs.


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GF Pear Banana Almond Cakes

When I decided to share this recipe for GF Pear Banana Almond Cakes it was a surprise to me. It would seem like the Banana Bread 2020 obsession is long over and I am at best, late to the party. The revelation came when I married a bite of this little golden cake with a sip of hot coffee. It was a sweet-bitter kiss of flavor and aroma, quite the edible delight for a late-night food waste prevention project — especially since they are gluten-free, sugar-free, and made in a food processor! (more…)

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Recipe Makeover: Sausage-Pecan Balls

Sausage-Pecan Balls

Everyone looks down their nose at sausage balls, pigs in a blanket, and meatballs in BBQ sauce, but the reality is that these popular nibbles are the first to go at a party.  The original recipe for sausage balls uses Bisquick. I’ve made a few changes and developed this “from scratch” version — as well as lightening things up with reduced-fat cheese and turkey sausage. Read on to learn how to make them! (more…)

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Golden Fruit and Nut Cake (Don’t Call it Fruitcake!)

Golden Fruitcake

The word fruitcake immediately conjures images of boozy brown bricks studded with bizarre colored unidentifiable bits of fruit. I am not certain how fruitcake became the culinary oddity that it has become, but doesn’t have to be… What about a golden cake studded with naturally sweet bits of dark amber fruit and rich buttery pecans? Now, that sounds delicious! Read on for more about the fruitcake you actually want to make and eat.  It’s quick, easy, and absolutely delicious.


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Braised Flank Steak with Peppers and Onions

Flank Steak

Cool-weather and the current full-time, heightened need for comfort food make me think of braised meats. I love beef stews, braised short ribs, and pot roasts. However, like many comfort foods -they can be rich, decadent, and not super healthy. How about a tender, meaty bowl of goodness paired with silky strips of onions and peppers and packed with flavor, not fat? Read on for more!


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Covid Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Lordy day, 2020 has been a lot to manage and take in. And, here we are at the holidays. There’s an active call from the CDC for smaller holiday celebrations. We’re tired. We’re overwrought. We’re scared of COVID and what it might do or scared of the people that aren’t scared enough….. Thanksgiving is normally a time of joy and gratitude. Is this really a time to be thankful? Yes, yes it is. In fact, now more than ever. Let’s talk about active gratitude. Read on for more. (more…)

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Lighten Up, Y’all! Buffalo Chicken Dip

Healthier Buffalo Chicken Dip

Football Saturdays can feel like 100 yards of healthy eating pitfalls. Seriously, who wants to eat carrot sticks and celery spears with hummus when everyone else is jamming down on hot chicken wings and cheese dip? I always make sure to always have a crudités platter for mindless eating and I love vegetables, but face it — we all know it’s rabbit food. What about gooey, cheesy, spicy, yummy Buffalo Chicken Dip ? YES! Put me in, Coach! Read on to find out how to make my lightened up version of Buffalo Chicken Dip. (more…)

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