One Bowl Apple Snack Cake

One Bowl Apple Snack Cake

Apples are one of fall’s most iconic foods. Raw, dried, sauteed, simmered, baked, jammed, jellied, pressed into cider or juice, or cooked down into unctuous butter – apples are an awesome addition to your autumn kitchen repertoire. Of all the apple dishes that may come to mind, Apple Pie is perhaps the most iconic.  However, sometimes I want a simple apple dessert. Not much is as easy in the kitchen as a one-bowl cake! Read on to learn how to make my One Bowl Apple Snack Cake fragrant with warm spices that’s good for breakfast, snacking, or topped with something decadent for dessert. (more…)

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Sheet Pan Supper: Panko Crusted Fish Filet with Asparagus and Tomatoes

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Who doesn’t love a sheet pan supper? One pan and you’re good to go. It’s an easy and healthy meal that your family is certain to love! I know I am all about simple suppers right now and I bet you are, too! Between all-day zoom calls, juggling schedules, and what I lovingly refer to as “quicksand,” supper has to be ultra manageable. This flexible recipe fits the bill. (more…)

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Skillet Suppers: Hoppin’ John and Limpin’ Susan

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During a busy week sometimes a “Skillet Supper” is the way to go. Toss some ingredients in the skillet, pop it in the oven, and dinner cooks itself. This is one of those busy weeks for me, so I’m sharing a recipe for a Hoppin’ John and Limpin’ Susan mash-up from Lighten Up, Y’all and linking to my recipe for Pork Chops with Cabbage and Sweet Potato on Southern Kitchen. (More about that in a bit….)

Hoppin’ John is an old-fashioned country dish traditionally served on New Year’s Day. It’s made with peas, rice, and most often flavored with a hunk of pork such as salt pork, fatback, or hog jowl. So who is Limpin’ Susan? Legend has it that Limpin’ Susan was the wife of Hoppin’ John. There seems to be little known about the origin of the name for Limpin’ Susan, but the one constant is that it typically consists of rice, bacon, and okra. Both are one-pot, inexpensive meals. In this recipe, I have reunited the happy couple. It seems to me if one is hopping and the other is limping, they probably need each other to lean on! (more…)

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How to Make “Cream of Anything Soup”

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“Cream of Anything Soup” is one of the easiest of soups to make. It can be practical and money-saving, too. Do you have some vegetables lingering in the fridge that are too limp for sautéing or too bruised for salad? Don’t toss them in the compost or the trash. They are perfect for “Cream of Anything Soup.” Think “Cream of Anything Soups” are too rich and fatty? You actually don’t need any cream for velvet-smooth, silky soups other than perhaps an optional few drops at the end. Do you think soups are just for winter – how about Chilled Cream of Asparagus this spring or Cream of Corn or Zucchini Soup this summer? How to Make “Cream of Anything Soup” is a fundamental kitchen technique.


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