How to Make Angel Food Cake

Angel Food Cake

Look at those luscious Georgia peaches! During peach season I love eating them fresh as well as making jams and jellies. Each and every summer Mama peels and slices the peaches and packs them into sealable plastic freezer bags. Most often, they appear later in the year as a topping for Angel Food Cake. Angel Food Cake is a classic cake and one of my favorites. Did you know it is a low fat cake? It’s practically health food. Ok, that part’s not true, but it is a really good cake and as far as cake goes, it’s one of the more healthy cakes. And, that’s why you can feel positively virtuous and still serve it with those beautiful Georgia peaches — and decadent dollops of whipped cream.


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Make-Ahead Almond Crumble Peach Tart

Make Ahead Almond Crumble Peach Tart

It’s peach season!   I grew up in Macon County, adjacent to Peach County, home to The Big Peach, a glorious seventy-five-foot tall peach mounted on a hundred-foot tall pole. When I was in high school, my school breaks were dictated by the season, as many of my classmates were the sons and daughters of farmers. I know and love Georgia peaches! The best way to eat a peach over the sink, with sweet juices running down your wrists. Peaches are serious business in Georgia. (more…)

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