Good and Good For You is a real-life approach to health and wellness initiated by my own experiences with weight loss. I’ve lost 65# and kept it off for more than 3 years. In the process, I realized it was about HEALTH GAIN, not WEIGHT LOSS. 

Health gain is rooted in all kinds of consumption, not just food and drink.

Good and Good for You offers the tools, encouragement, and support to empower you to live a better life.

Good and Good for You is dedicated to succinctly giving readers the information they need to make confident decisions.

I’ve made it my mission to help you create a better life. Each edition is filled with the motivation and tactics you need. Think of it as a self-help guide with recipes. 

Good and Good for You offers

* healthful recipes
* best-life living tips
* self-care techniques
* info and inspiration from reliable sources and experts across the health and wellness space.


Bon Appétit, Y’all!

Virginia Willis


Good and Good for You with Virginia Willis is a lifestyle brand that shares health and wellness content through digital channels; public speaking; and print media. For more information visit 

Umami-Bomb Creamy Mushroom Soup on
Soups and Stews
Virginia Willis

Umami-Bomb Creamy Mushroom Soup

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Apple Date Snack Cake on
Bread and Quickbreads
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One Bowl Apple Date Snack Cake

Eat the Damn Cake Ha! Not what you were expecting from a health and wellness newsletter? Yes, my philosophy is pretty much summed up with

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Fish and Shellfish
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Heart Health Living Tips

Heart Health Howdy — Still trying to figure this new game plan out for Good and Good for You. Please forgive me for sending two

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