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Welcome to Cooking with Virginia!

Need inspo for healthy recipes? Cooking with Virginia is packed with real-life tips, cooking techniques, and good and good-for-you recipes.

Each post has easy-to-follow instructions and helpful hints. It’s a mix of indulgent and healthy recipes — food that I eat and make in my own kitchen (and sometimes on TV.)

Here, you’ll find chef-driven recipes for home cooks yet still made with real-life ingredients. Let me tell you what you won’t find. An over-obsession with WW points or restrictive dieting. I believe you’ve got to mix it up. Sometimes you need to eat the ding dang cake. Who wants to eat sad food? Who wants deprivation? Nobody. 

Hopefully, you’ll feel like I am by your side!  I promise my recipes are rigorously tested and are essential, foolproof dishes you actually want to make and eat. 

Because of my own journey with health gain and weight loss, I am an enthusiastic cheerleader for others seeking to make lifestyle changes in the interest of feeling healthier and happier, too! 


Bon Appétit, Y’all!

Virginia Willis

Grilled Potato Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette on
From the Garden: Fruits and Vegetables
Virginia Willis

Potato Salad Recipes

Bacon, Southern, and Chef-Inspired Potato Salad Recipes Ah, potato salad. The perfect combination of comforting carbs and decadent dressing. So many choices, so many styles!

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beard foundation
Bread and Quickbreads
Virginia Willis

Blueberry Muffins with Yogurt

Blueberry Benefits and Nutrition Blueberries are the Doris Day of summer fruit – happy-go-lucky, bright bouncing balls of flavor. Blackberries are moody, musky, and complex.

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